About Us

Today, it’s not good enough to only have great decorating skills-you also need to have the logistics expertise to pack and ship these orders directly to your customers, while controlling customization and personalization needs. 

This is why we created Be Decorating and the D3PL model. 

Be Decorating is a trade-only service provider that integrates fulfillment and print production competencies, by bringing 7+ years of decoration experience coupled with 4O+ years of fulfillment and distribution expertise.


Be Decorating is the most efficient and capable Decoration-driven 3PL provider currently servicing the promotional products industry. We offer all of the logistics, scale, and process infrastructure of a cruise ship, with all of the nimble confidence and versatility of a speed boat.

Be Decorating is a trade-only service provider. We offer high quality reproduction of your customers’ logos on promotional items, for both large and small volume projects with low MOQs. Personalization, fulfillment, kitting, and logistics options are all available within our scalable business environment.

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