Maui Jim: Personalized Holiday Shopper Incentive



To create loyalist CRM contacts for remarketing efforts, Maui Jim wanted to incentivize and reward holiday shoppers with a personalized sunglass case.



Consumers that purchased any pair of Maui Jim glasses would submit their receipt digitally, then Be Decorating would receive a file containing the shopper’s information.

Maui Jim: Personalized Holiday Shopper Incentive


Be Decorating developed a new process to personalize dimensional products. Utilizing our partnership with SNIPP to validate the purchases, we were able to receive the customer’s details for personalization (names, #1 Dad, etc.) and shipping information.


We sent over 40k sunglass cases to Maui Jim customers within a 4 week time period. They loved the personalized details that made the sunglass case a long-lasting, enduring product experience.

Sunglass Cases Personalized and Shipped in a 4 Week Period

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